Friday, January 23, 2009

Josh Kirby Mini Store Launched

Hooray - The Josh Kirby mini store is now launched. It's a fairly small site for the moment. The idea is to have it grow with the company's business. I chose to use Django as the back-end framework. I used its Template system for the front-end as well as using yahoo's girds. The design is very simplistic with most of the focus on Josh's art.

The real power of the store is the back-end. In future phases we will advance to the open source eCommerce solution, Satchmo. Right now we are doing basic inventory to track products coming in and going out. The "Complaint" department is a pretty neat side of the back-end which allows The Josh Kirby Estate, track refunds, damages, and returns.

User Registration
I installed the almighty usefull django-registration application. The registration user path is so: User wants to purchase a piece of artwork; User must create an account; User signs up for an account; User receives an activation key via email; User then uses that key to activate the account. This eliminates bots and other users that aren't really interested in purchasing. If a user does not activate their new account within 48 hours, the account is then deactivated. I will have to eventually implement some kind of CRON job.

It is great, I tell you, I couldn't be more happier with the outcome.

check out the store here.

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