Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Latest Project Release: CopyStack (Desktop Application)

My latest project release is a desktop application. This tool helps you copy more than one item into your system clipboard. It's in alpha, so please send long bug reports and feature requests.

CopyStack provides the ability to stash a list of copied items from the system clipboard. This utility app saves a list of items that were saved by you by applying regular copy functionality. In this alpha release, you are limited to 5 clipboard items. It is a handy tool for multiple copying and single pasting. To copy an item to your clipboard within any application you can press command+c or right-click your mouse and click “copy”. Copy Stack will pull your recent copy and stash it into a buffer. When you’re ready to paste an item from your stack, apply the shortcut key shift+alt and the number of the stash item you want to paste. Please be aware this is a pre-alpha app. It is a rough draft of what is to come. Send you feedback to anthony.cintron at I would love to hear your thoughts and improve this neat utility.

Screen Shot

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lates Project Release:

Launched mini e-commerce site for Washington D.C. based Z^2 Wear Clothing. One of the most exciting aspects of doing this project was having an opportunity to design again. These days as a RIA Developer, I spend most of my time programming and solving theoretical problems. It was refreshing when I was asked to design At first I wasn't really interested in designing, but some how I was inspired by the funky clothes.

Another great opportunity was having the ability to use Ruby's light-weight web development library Sinatra. It was quite easy to learn the language and fast to get up and running. The site also uses jQuery and CSS for its interaction and styling. As for the data, it's all stored via SQlite. Checkout the site, let me know what you think. It was fun to make!