Monday, March 17, 2008

Design and the Elastic Mind at the MoMa

I spent this weekend hanging with friends. Morning, went to the MoMA with two great friends; After noon, rested and watched August Rush with my other half; Evening, had dinner at Rare with two new friends from L.A.; Night-time, party at my friends place in Harlem(He throws the best "loft" parties and he is also off the hook with the music).

The highlight of my weekend was a trip to the MoMA. Admiringly, I love museums and the fact that the Museum of Modern Art is only ten minutes away from home, it had only been my second time visiting. I checked out their new exhibit: Design and the Elastic Mind. Overall I thought it was okay, but their was one digital display I thought was extremely fun, and heavily interactive. You basically walk in front of this projection, You are then displayed in a silhouette form against the wall. Every motion you make creates a random animation and sound. It was absolutely amazing, I would love to look through that developer's code. I wish I caught the name of the display. Here is a snapshot of my boy Stephen and I playing with this gigamagig.

Another pretty neat thing (not as cool as the one I mentioned above), was this one piece done using ActionScript and Python in collaboration. Cabspotting - Uses GPS technology, cabspotting investigates the complexities of the Bay Region in the context of the Pacific Rim. The application created is called Stamen, it explores visualizations of GPS data generated by Yellow Cab taxis in San Francisco. In this animated map of located cabs in the Bay Area, the city pulses and creates a vivid fast forward of the cabbies moving time line to it's day to day destination.

If you so happen to be in NYC, I definitely recommend checking out the new exhibit on display at the MoMA. Their are displays worth seeing in person. I could go into a couple of others I enjoyed, but I don't want to spoil it for you. The exhibit ends May 12, 2008.

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