Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Behind Every Great Inventor, There Is His Adversary

I'm always fascinated by new inventions. What entices me is not usually the invention itself but the inventor. The intriguing part is that quite a few intellects, inventors, philosophers and even scientists deem themselves in a godly like ability. Okay, I don't mind that; The point is that no one man can just come up with an idea and expect it not to be replicated. We are people who can think on many levels, and to view one has the only source of creation, would be insane. I read this article this morning on inventions that have already be thought of and how all the inventors would race to the patents' office; Some inventors couldn't even afford to legalize their inventions in time. So their are many creators out there that are not taken noticed. Truly, we all want to be acknowledged for our talents. Check out the article at the New York Times site.

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