Tuesday, April 8, 2008

May 1s 2008 Reboot

This morning I woke up at 6 in a hurry to my desk. I had some ideas on fixing my portfolio section of the newly (in development) Sweeties and Gangsters site. This site has been in the making (mainly conceptually) since my trip to San Fran last summer. I have done much altering around and finally settled on a strong idea. I have now been in production for a month now. I have to say, it will be quite a complicated site as far as the dynamism. I have never built anything at this level of difficulty - from Design aesthetics to data modeling and structural design. I can't wait to release the beta version May 1st, 2008. I was blog reading a few moments ago and noticed the May 1st Reboot site has been re-designed. It's crunch time now, I have only 4 weeks till the launch of Sweeties and Gangsters; it's exciting!

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