Thursday, October 16, 2008

its-laS-tik by What's Ur Bag - Worse shopping bag on the planet

I pay a daily visit to whole foods on 25th street & 7th ave. We at Hungry Elephant take pride in helping the environment as much as we can. I've been using BAGGU bags for a few months now ( It's provided at the HE office ). A couple of weeks ago I bought my own unique grocery bag. I ended up purchasing the Chamelion at What's Ur Bag - USA. Long story short, it's a piece of crap. I don't like the elasticity it has. It creates this awkward arm movement while I'm walking. It totally disorients my walk. The advertisement on their site shows the bags full of items. Unfortunately they are resting on a table. When I load my bag up with groceries, the entire bag droops to the floor, sometimes dragging on the ground. I tried placing it over my shoulders, that just leaded to more discomfort. Overall I give this item a 0, for uselessness. Try doing a point system on that user story.

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