Thursday, October 30, 2008

Media Temple's supports Django - Follow Up

I posted a while back about Media Temple announcing Django support for their Grid-Containers. I was excited at that time because I wanted to get into Django development. My wife and are working on a personal site together. The site is allowing me to mess about with Django.

Anyway, this morning I upgraded my service at Media Temple to support the Django framework. It was amazing how simple it was to get this setup. I went to my account center, upgraded and created my first Django application on my new production environment. After I started my application, I setup my Django settings to connect with my database. I then moved to the command line to ssh into my new Container environment, and deployed!

All I know, is my partner at work, Ian had issues a few months ago setting up and deploying a project we are working on. I guess XO Communications doesn't make it as easy. Then again, Media Temple has always been innovative when it comes to ease of use.

If your looking for a hosting company providing Django, I recommend Media Temple. This is not an endorsement. I've been using their services since 2001.


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